Our Team…professional, educated, highly experienced

We are a professional, educated and highly experienced wealth management practice. Our skills and knowledge provide you with the resources necessary for customized financial planning, portfolio development and a lifetime of financial guidance.

The CAFG professionals you will be working with include:

Tom Chernesky, CFP / Wealth Advisor / Investment Strategist

Tom has been in the financial planning and investment advising business for almost 30 years. He has been a Certified Financial Planner since 1986, and established CAFG Wealth Management in 1997 to provide a select group of high net worth families and business owners with independent and very personal, financial planning guidance and advice. Tom is particularly adept at working with clients going through or expecting to go through major life transitions such as the death of a spouse, divorce, care for an aging parent, college planning, career change or retirement. He helps each client clarify priorities and objectives and then guides the client in the development of a sound, achievable, lifetime financial plan.

In addition to overseeing the practice and working with clients to create financial clarity, Tom is also the main driver of each client’s investment portfolio strategy. His knowledge is built upon his investment and economic research and based on his fundamental and quantitative analysis. The result is a customized solution for each client portfolio. Tom monitors and analyzes the risk/return profile of each client investment portfolio included in the proprietary and turnkey CAFG Wealth Management portfolio management process. By using the appropriate portfolio model that is specific to each client’s financial need, Tom is able to provide an unbiased and precise solution that is focused on a client’s individual financial objectives.

John Dorn, CFP, CPA / Wealth Advisor / Compliance Manager

John joined CAFG Wealth Management in 2013 as a wealth advisor and tax specialist. He is a Certified Public Accountant with a very high level of knowledge in tax planning and preparation. As a wealth advisor, he works with our high net worth clients and business owners to determine their financial position and the importance of developing a sound financial plan with targeted strategies and solutions. His financial review and analysis includes the key areas of protection planning, investment planning, retirement and estate planning in addition to tax planning. As our resident tax specialist, John brings a wealth of knowledge regarding accounting and tax planning strategies, financial statements and auditing practices for both corporate and individual CAFG Wealth Management clients.

As our Compliance Manager, John is also in charge of overseeing and managing compliance issues. He makes sure CAFG Wealth Management is complying with regulatory requirements and our own internal compliance policies and procedures.

Megan Mikusa, Client Service Coordinator

Megan joined CAFG Wealth Management in 2017 as our Client Service Coordinator. Her background in education and customer service enhances our team’s daily client service efforts. She supports the entire CAFG staff with her management of key office processes related to our administrative services and ongoing client requests. She handles our client account record keeping, daily account transactions, deposits and distributions, client communication support, requests for information and assistance with account service issue resolution among other responsibilities. Megan’s ongoing interaction with our client support processes is an integral part of our effectiveness and overall client-focused service.

Ken Zarzynski, Communications, Marketing and Career Coaching

Ken joined CAFG Wealth Management in 2006 after spending 32 years at a Fortune 50 company. He has a variety of business experiences with comprehensive, in-depth knowledge in the areas of business operations, marketing and communications. Ken works with the CAFG team to consistently deliver a high level of client service. He develops client communications and helps the team set and execute short and long-term business strategies, business service standards, and performance measures.

Ken is also a successful executive coach. As an additional CAFG service, he offers non-financial career management direction to clients when needed including: a review of a client’s professional background, experiences and career issues and expectations; resume and cover letter building; interview preparation and coaching; and job search and networking strategies.

Our Partners

CAFGWealth Management is an independent, privately owned, fee-based financial planning and investment advisory firm. As an independent firm, we have built a team of professional resources to provide specialized knowledge and skill when needed. By coordinating specific expertise in this way, we provide the objective, personalized solutions our clients need to achieve their goal of accumulation, protection and distribution of their wealth.

We have partnered with TD Ameritrade Institutional to act as the primary custodian for our client accounts. Services to CAFG Wealth Management include:

  • The custody of client funds and securities
  • The execution, clearance and settlement of security transactions
  • Preparation and delivery of periodic account and transaction confirmation statements
  • Operation and Technology support.

Resource Coordination

Additional resources needed in servicing our client’s could be an attorney, accountant/tax specialist, mortgage broker, realtor, or insurance specialist. The team we have in place has been selected to partner with us because of their leadership in their respective fields and to help us complete a specific step in the achievement of your objectives. We have chosen them because they are consistent with our philosophy regarding attention to the details of your personal situation. If you already have a professional resource in place, we will continue our plan coordination on your behalf by taking the lead on all action plan items.

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